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Creative Activities for Children Sep 2022

To Whom:
Children between the ages of four and a half to Twelve can take part in the programme. These activities are perceived as supplementary to the formal education the child obtains in schools.

Learning Outcome:
This programme gives the child the opportunity to learn the basics of enjoying and appreciating music, free movements, dancing and structured movements, Acting and language, singing and, Art, handicrafts and puppetry.

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Drama Beyond Classroom Sep 2022

The programme is specially designed for grade seven to G.C.E. O/L children who offer drama and theatre as a subject at school. The prime objective of the programme is to make drama and theatre learning an enjoyable experience for the participating children. All aspects of drama and theatre are presented to the child in an easy-to-understand way so that the artistic taste, cheerfulness and playful sense of the child are enhanced.

School-going students who have the knack to be creative and adventurous too can join the programme. For such students, the activities of the programme can be considered supplementary to the formal education the child obtains in school.

This programme gives the child the opportunity to learn and understand the basics of the origin, the nature and different styles of theatre; different methods of drama acting; free and structured movements as an alternative method of expression; music appreciation and singing; Art, handicrafts and puppetry, and language proficiency.

Previous Programms

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