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Certificate in Acting Programme, 2023

The objective of the programme is to provide the participants with a basic understanding and training in acting, directing, script writing and dance/musical theatre. Therefore, the programme provides all-around training including, acting on stage, television and cinema, script writing and analysis, directing, movement and vocal training. The participants will have the opportunity to learn free and structured movements, posture, body flexibility and physical balance, vocal training, pronunciation, voice projection, improvisation, plotting scenes, etc.

To Whom:
Anyone above eighteen (18) years of age can apply to join the programme. Those who are interested in joining the Programme, primarily should possess a love for theatre and should be prepared to offer her/his full commitment to the training. Ambitiousness and Willingness to work hard is also expected. The candidates will be selected for the programme through an interview. Interviews will be held at Somalatha Subasinghe Play House, 166/1, Parliament Road, Kumbukgahaduwa, Kotte or on a virtual platform.

Learning Outcome:
This programme gives the participants the opportunity to learn the basics of
(i) Acting on stage, television and cinema,
(ii) Dancing and free and structured movements,
(iii) Script and character analysis,
(iv) Plotting and scene development,
(v) Vocal training, voice projection, pronunciation and,
(vi) improvisation

Resource Persons:
The programme is primarily conducted by Kaushalya Fernando. Kaushalya Ferrnando has obtained international-level training on acting and actor training, has won international awards and is acclaimed for her cinema acting. In addition, Prasanna Mahagamage, Mayura Perera and Nilanka Dahanayaka and Chamila Priyanka are resource persons in acting, directing and script analysis and development. All of them have acquired national and international level experience in actor training. Chandana Aluthge conducts sessions on structured and free movements and voice projection while training for screen acting will be conducted by Thisara Imbulana, an emerging young film director and scriptwriter. In addition, other professional artists from specialised fields will also conduct sessions.

Duration and Time:
The duration of the programme is eight months. Within the period, thirty-two in-class sessions will be conducted on a weekly basis. Classes usually are held on Sundays from 9.00 am to 5. 00 pm. Depending on the convenience of the participants, classes may be scheduled on public holidays as well, if necessary.

The programme is conducted annually and starts in the Second week of January each year.

Participants are requested to bring their own food and drinks and suitable clothing to take part in the training sessions.

The fee for the programme is Rs. 60,000/= per participant. The full payment is required to be paid at the registration. However, those who have financial difficulties can pay Rs.40,000/= at the registration and the balance in two equal instalments within the first two months of the programme.

Only those who have fulfilled financial and programme attendance commitments are entitled to certification by Lanka Children’s and Youth Theatre Foundation.

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Creative Activities for Children January 2023

Children between the ages four and half to Twelve can take part in the programme. These activities are perceived as supplementary to the formal education the child obtains in schools.

Learning Outcome: This programme gives the child the opportunity to learn the basic of, (i) enjoying and appreciating music, (ii) free movements, (iii) dancing and structured movements, (iv) Acting and language, (v) singing and (vi) Art, handicrafts and puppetry.

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Drama Beyond the Classroom - January 2023


The prime objective of the programme is to make drama and theatre learning an enjoyable experience for the participating children. All aspects of drama and theatre are presented to the child in an easy-to-understand way so that the artistic taste, cheerfulness and playful sense of the child is enhanced. The programme is based on created activities, and they give the child the opportunity to experience the most important learning outcomes of drama and theatre such as a sense of caring, world awareness, experience in human relationships and socio-cultural values, a sense of basic art forms and more importantly confidence and dignity.


The programme is designed primarily for grade seven to eleven children who offer drama and theatre as a subject at school. However, since the programme is activity-based, any student who has a knack to be creative and adventurous too can join the programme. For such students, the activities of the programme can be considered supplementary to the formal education the child obtains in schools.

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